Q: How do custom orders work?

A: You can arrange to do a free one on one consultation with Jennifer either by email/over the phone/FaceTime/Skype/or if you're in NYC, in person at our UWS Atelier.  Jennifer will go through your jewelry and craft a vision of what type of piece could be made from your treasure.  We will give you a price estimate and if you're ready to move forward, Jennifer begins to work her magic turning your pieces into an instant heirloom.  It takes roughly 3 - 4 weeks to complete a custom order.

Q: How much do custom pieces cost?

A: In general, pricing is determined by the complexity of the piece, plus the cost of added elements from my own collection that I'll mix with yours.  

Full necklaces start at $1500.

Full bracelets start at $1200.

Bolos start at $595.

Lavalieres start at $295.

Lanyards start at $150.

Cufflinks start at $395.

Earrings start at $50.

Belts start at $795.

Q: Where are Jennifer George products made?


A:  Jennifer, herself, makes all of our jewelry by hand, here in NYC Atelier. Each piece is unique and made exclusively from vintage costume jewelry, all recycled, into something new and beautiful.

Q: Where are Jennifer George products sold?

A: At private trunk shows, charity events, and by appointment -- which can be scheduled via email or phone, through the contact info on our website. We also have a cross-section of our inventory for sale in the "shop" section of this website.


A: Contact us via email to discuss hosting a show:  puffmommy@msn.com -- or call -- 917-657-2267

Q: Where are the materials found for the pieces?


A: Jennifer has spent the last decade collecting vintage jewelry -- chain, lockets, brooches, medals, charms, knives, beads, etc -- and composes each piece from her vast and constantly expanding collection of items.

All fabric for both our RTW and Scarves is sourced from fabric suppliers and stores based, here, in New York City's Garment District, and are hand-made in NYC. We're proud to support the historic garment industry that has made NYC the Fashion Capital of the World. Get Involved. 

Q: What is Jennifer George's background?

A: Jennifer was, herself, a mainstream fashion designer on 7th Avenue for decades.  Her company, Jennifer George Inc, specialized in Designer Sportswear and was sold at specialty stores across the country -- including Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Q: What DEFINES AND INSPIRES Jennifer George?


A: "In design, the past always seems to inform the future. I can look through a selection of old jewelry, long forgotten -- perhaps belonging to someone's grandmother, and I am constantly surprised and amazed by the level of detail, from design to execution, that was involved.  I find this, along with color, scale, and theme, very inspiring -- and all of it is at play when I'm working on a piece." -Jennifer George

Q: How many items are produced of a certain style or print? Are all the items limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces?

A: All of our silk scarves and tops are done in small batches and limited runs -- ranging from 2 pieces to no more than 2 dozen.  99% of the jewelry is one of a kind -- but every now and then an exact duplicate can be made.

Q: How can I find out about upcoming sales and events?

A: To be notified about upcoming sales and events, join our mailing list :-)